Fulani Lake Overflow After Heavy Rains.

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Residents walk through the overflowing lake at Fulani in Accra after heavy rains in the area. October 28, 2020. Accra, Ghana. (Nipah Dennis/@iamnipah)

“Fulani Overflow” were the first words a man said to me when I arrived in the area. There have been times the lake overflow when rains, “but this one we haven’t seen before,” says another man.

I was cycling when a motorcyclist coming in my direction told me about the flooding in the area. I wondered why he told me. Perhaps he has seen me go to the lake many times to make photographs. I have been photographing my neighbourhood lately. Playing loud music from my speakers while cycling, perhaps I’m getting noticed.

Arriving at the lakeside, a woman shouted, “4 more for Nana”, with her four fingers in the air. Like everyone else gathered at the scene, I laughed and started to make these photographs.

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