“I Didn’t Know”

Coco recounted his experience with starting school in Ghana when he arrived in 2009 after arriving from Togo.

“It was difficult; I have had difficult moments, pressure from family, and not being able to get the education I wanted. I had Financial problems and particularly good advice; having the right people for correct information that I needed was a challenge. Even though I was having my Certificate from Togo, no one told me I could have it translated, which I could use to continue my school in Ghana.Until 2014, when I met a man whose computer I fixed. He asked me how I got to know much about computers; what I would like to become. I told him about my school and Certificate; that was when he told me I could get my Certificate translated from French to English.”

That same year, Coco got his Certificate translated at the University of Ghana and gained admission into a three-year Computer Science programme at the Ho Technical University.
Now owns a shop, helps fix computers for friends and family, and works as assistant coach with Kickstart Ghana, an NGO involved in youth education and sports.

Coco pose for a photograph at his residence, provided by Kick Start.