Osei Caesar, Let’s Repatriate

Osei Caesar, Let’s Repatriate

Let’s Repatriate!

The trip to Ghana was an eye-opening experience for Osei, “I am ashamed to say this, I had a purely American or westernized version of what Africa was supposed to be like. Africa is not that version you see on TV, starving children and people living in mud huts. Accra is a pretty developed city and things do happen.”

Changing Destiny

Osei trained to be a doctor, but slowly became more interested in other projects, “I realized that was not my path”. Having a head for business, in 2015 he arrived in Ghana to help with the running of the family business.

“I have always been interested in Aquaponics, which is growing fish and plants at the same time.”

Words by Saran Koly. Full story on OFF To Magazine.

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