Wedding Dream Comes True Despite a Pandemic

Sampson and Kaki pose for a photograph in front of a Presbyterian church where the wedding took place in Dodowa, Ghana, on October 11, 2020.

Kaki and Sampson were dating for a few years before Kaki moved to the UK, where she works as a nurse. Before the World Health Organisation reported cases of COVID-19 in parts of the world at the beginning of the year, the two had plans of getting married in June 2020. They were making preparations. Kaki will return to Ghana for the wedding, after which her husband will join her in the UK to start a new life together.

Later did she know the pandemic was going to be a test of her faith. When borders were closed for months, including June, both in the UK and Ghana, “I wondered if I will be able to come home to get married or perhaps I wasn't meant to marry now.” says Kaki.

In September 2020, Ghana’s borders were open to international flights. The UK also allowed non-citizens the chance to move back home. This was an opportunity for Kaki to return home for her wedding. She has always been looking forward to this.

The couple married in October, and Kaki has returned to the UK, where she is needed as a nurse. She expects her husband to join her soon.

Sampson and Kaki read from a hymn book during church service in Dodowa, Ghana. December 11, 2020.
Sampson and Kaki receive blessings from the church in Dodowa, Ghana, on December 11, 2020.
Kaki smiles to the camera after thanksgiving service in Dodowa, Ghana. December 11, 2020.

Photographer living in Accra, Ghana.